Thursday, 19 May 2011

How to organize a teenage tea party in two weeks....

Basically, it is my birthday next week, in the middle of my GCSE exams, so I decided that what I would do was hold a tea party in my backi garden. At first I thought some of my friends, especially the boys, would think it was pathetic and childish, but most of them seem extremely enthusiastic.

So here it is, a step by step guide on how to organize a modern day tea party in less than two weeks.

1. Hand out invitations at least a week in advance.
This means that people get a chance to plan a break from revision, and also gives them something to look forward to.
Make sure invites are quirky and unusual. Here are some ideas I found on the web;
Easy to make, and very effective.
Very Cute
My invite was based off this one...

All of the above are on the Alice in Wonderland theme, but because of the recent film with Johnny Depp, Alice in Wonderland is back on everybody's radars.

Alternatively, one could have a quintessentially british celebration, as seen during the royal wedding weekend, however, personally, I am not a royalist.

Another possibility is forcing everyone to turn up in tea dresses, and serve them tea in cups and saucers...

Well, best go revise now, but another post will be along shortly...

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